My top destination wedding destinations

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Getting married is never easy, especially if you are planning to tie the knot half way across the world. But the idea of spending a holiday with all our beloved family and friends at some place both exotic and so dear to our hearts makes the whole ride a lot more exciting and worthwhile. It took some intense discussions to arrive at our final destination of Naxos, Greece. Not only is Naxos the middle point for our family and friends coming from all 5 continents, to us, it is also Greece at its best: mesmerizing, hospitable and unpretentious. Of course, I can spend hours telling you about what I love about this special Cycladic island, but this blog is dedicated to all the other amazing places where we have stopped on our travel through to say “This could be a great place for a wedding!”

Montepulciano, Tuscany

Think Italian medieval…

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Unplugged Weddings

I will be ‘unplugging’ for the ceremony. What about you?

My Little Bridal Blog

Technology is a huge part of our lives as it makes it easier to connect and interact with those around us, particularly the ones we love the most. Weddings are similar in this sense – people close to the bride and groom come together to witness the most important day in two people’s lives.

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Destination Wedding Italy: Lucca

A really interesting post on getting married in Lucca, Italy….Definitely worth a read if you are considering having an Italian destination wedding…..

Tuscania Events

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.47.36

Lucca is probably less known than some of the other tuscan towns but it is certainly worth a visit and it is a great location to hold a destination wedding. Since it is located close to Pisa, Florence as well as the tuscan seaside it provides the opportunity to explore both cities and the coastal towns. And I can’t forget to mention its proximity to Pisa and Florence airport.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.47.53

One of the most charming characteristics of Lucca are the renaissance era walls. These walls enclose the city and are still surprisingly intact. Along the wall is a lovely pedestrian promenade where you can take a casual stroll around the city, run, bike or even have a picnic.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.48.52

You can plan an intimate celebration in the medieval town however the surrounding countryside in Lucca offers a spectacular backdrop to a wedding celebration. In fact there is a number of Monumental villas…

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Create a Window to Your Destination Wedding

An interesting read for destination brides……

~ I DO! Tips and Travel Advice~

With destination weddings on the rise, it is becoming more and more important for couples to have a means for informing their guests of their upcoming wedding plans as well as provide recommendations for out-of-town guests.

Wedding websites allow your guests one-stop shopping when it comes time for them to arrange their travel plans as well as other details. You can be as specific as you wish and link your website directly to the hotel reservation pages that you would like to recommend to your guests.
You will find that having a website is not only a time-saver but a budget-saver as well. The multiple mailings that can sometimes become necessary to communicate with your guests can easily eat up a good portion of any wedding budget. Allowing your guests to RSVP online will also cut down on your wedding expenses. No need for RSVP cards! However, you can always order…

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Joanna and Roger ~ Cuba Destination Wedding

Although we don’t feature venues in Cuba (yet), it is interesting to take a look at what a destination in Cuba could be like……

Kimberly Lavane Photography

Joanna and Roger are one of the most loving and caring couples I have had the pleasure of meeting. I met the pair through my friends and mentors, Jen and Randy from CJ Photography. Jen and Joanna are sisters.

I was so honored when Jen invited me to tag along with them to J&R’s wedding in Cuba to help with photography and her beautiful little girls. My fiance, Jeff, was able to take time and come join us. Joanna, Roger, their family and friends welcomed Jeff and I with open arms and we had the most amazing time with this very loving group. Nothing better then feeling accepted and to be apart of someone else’s family 🙂 Jeff got to know them all first, as I was ill the first couple days we were there, what a terrible start to the trip. But luckily with a lot of rest and…

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Meet Roberta, our Rome based wedding planner

We are delighted to introduce our Rome based wedding planner, Roberta, to the Wanderlust Weddings family.

Roberta has over five years experience in wedding planning in Italy and has extensive knowledge and contacts needed for hosting a wedding in romantic Rome.

Destination Wedding Planner_Rome

Roberta has arranged weddings at some of the finest venues in Rome, several of which we will be featuring over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy reading our interview with Roberta below which should give you some insight into why Rome could be the perfect destination for you……

What do you think Rome has to offer as a destination wedding location?

 Rome is the Eternal City, and can be chaotic and so Italian! However when it comes to magical weddings , it turns into a very special and unique place. Rome can offer some of the most beautiful and amazing venues in the world, with a dramatic scenery you won’t find anywhere else.

 How did you get into the wedding planning business?

 I started working in this wonderful industry with a very special mentor, Enzo Miccio, the most famous and televised wedding planner in Italy. He made me love the job I had always dreamed of.

 How long have you been a wedding planner?

 More than 5 years now, but I began planning weddings even before, while I was a site manager for a large marketing and events company

How will couples know if having a destination wedding is right for them?

Couples usually know it’s the right destination because they’ve been dreaming of it.  However when couples are not very  familiar with the location, they may not pick the right venue for them. That’s why they need help from someone who is experienced  and has local knowledge and contacts.

 What is your favourite wedding venue in Rome – for the ceremony and for the reception?

 I know everyone is looking for the best views and for wedding venues near the most famous monuments, but I work very often with some “hidden gems” that always leave my couples speechless…

Is it easy for non-Italian couples to get married in Rome/Italy? What advice would you give to couples who would like to have a destination wedding?

It’s quite easy to get married in Rome, but I definitely recommend that all couples seek help when planning their big day, to ensure they choose the best possible venue and so that they can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of.

Belle Epoque Reception_Destination Wedding Rome

A dream wedding in Villa Aurelia_Destination Wedding Rome

Describe the process for having a wedding in Rome – what happens after we initially get in contact with you?

After first getting in contact (  via email or Skype, I always like to hear the couple’s love story. I want to hear about the wedding of their dreams, what styles inspire them and what atomosphere they want to have for their guests; then I will suggest some wedding venues I think will best suit their desires, and that will be our starting point.    

How long do I need to plan a Rome wedding?

 We can provide a perfect wedding, no matter the time, but if you want a specific church or one of the most popular wedding venue in town, the earlier the better.

What do you think is the best thing about having a destination wedding?

You can combine a wonderful trip in your favourite country with your dream wedding, and share it all with your guests!

Describe your dream wedding…..

I don’t think there is an exact definition for a dream wedding, but what best defines it is when a couple tells me their wedding day exceeded their expectations beyond their dreams!  

For anyone interested in getting married in Rome, contact to find out more!

A Dream Wedding in Villa Aurelia_Destination Wedding Rome

Belle Epoque Reception_Destination Wedding Rome