My top destination wedding destinations

An interesting read from one of the blogs we follow – ‘My top destination wedding destinations’


Getting married is never easy, especially if you are planning to tie the knot half way across the world. But the idea of spending a holiday with all our beloved family and friends at some place both exotic and so dear to our hearts makes the whole ride a lot more exciting and worthwhile. It took some intense discussions to arrive at our final destination of Naxos, Greece. Not only is Naxos the middle point for our family and friends coming from all 5 continents, to us, it is also Greece at its best: mesmerizing, hospitable and unpretentious. Of course, I can spend hours telling you about what I love about this special Cycladic island, but this blog is dedicated to all the other amazing places where we have stopped on our travel through to say “This could be a great place for a wedding!”

Montepulciano, Tuscany

Think Italian medieval…

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